About Us

The Journey

It began in Bhutan, 7,500 miles from my home. I was traveling through a country where stunning waterfalls fell around every corner--where I shared roads with children, monks in red robes, and animals of all kinds.  The sacredness of everything was palpable, as if there was an energy tying us all together.

In Bhutan, time seemed to slow. For once, I wasn’t over-committed or over-scheduled; finally, I could take the time to reflect on my own life choices and consider my impact on the rest of the world.

Change is usually an organic process, and it happens when you quit worrying about “how” and instead focus on “why."  By the time my trip was over I was no longer eating meat, thanks in large part to the example set by the Bhutanese people.  I had gained a consciousness on a spiritual level that I had often read about, but now could feel.

Spiritual vs. Beautiful--Can’t they Both Win?

One night, about a year later, I was sitting in bed with my laptop thinking hard about buying a new designer “It” bag, but I was overcome with a sense of conviction.  To fulfill my addiction to fashion, animals were being mistreated and Earth’s resources were being polluted.

For almost a year, I searched for fabulous accessories and clothing that were made with a conscience. I found plenty of great "green" designers, but I couldn't find a one-stop shop that supported the best designers of on-trend, high quality and environmentally sustainable fashion.

KathamEco Is Born

KathamEco’s mission is to make it easy for busy women to make a daring choice: to be chic and to have a positive impact, one luxury at a time.  We currently offer handbags, jewelry, clothing and other accessories.  

What's more, every time KathamEco connects you to a beautiful product from one of our designers, a minimum of $1 and 1% of profits will be donated to the KathamEco Charitable Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to fund scholarships for environmentally-focused design students and to support causes that advance the protection of our environment, animals, and women around the globe.

We're excited to be on this mission to change the world, one luxury at a time.  We hope you'll join us!

Thank you!

Kathy Hamm, Founder of KathamEco